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The fishing magnet P600X2 DEMAG is a very powerful neodymium magnet, with an 600 X2 kg pull / pull force, of European construction. The magnet is magnetic only at its base and is secured inside a strong zinc-coated steel shell, which is used to protect metals from corrosion.

The metal magnet can be used over long distances, so you need a secure special rope of the necessary length. The rope is mounted on a special screw material on the magnet.

It is ideal for treasure hunters looking for lost and hidden objects, whose enclosures are iron, such as treasure boxes, which are dug in holes, wells, swampy lakes, or entangled in tunnels and caves.


Demag P600X2

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The fishing magnets in this collection do not cost a lot of money while providing access to places that a metal detector would not reach. In addition, they are considered excellent underwater magnets, very convenient and easy to use, without the need for anyone to be trained to handle them. There is no electronic program that is likely to confuse him.

Anyone with no specific physical activity can find and grab metal objects from the sea, lake, river, well, etc. Just place the magnet in the water and take out a lost object.

The magnets you see on our site range from 90Kg to 600Kg. Mr. Polatidis urges you to obtain the metal magnet, which corresponds to the case of the research you want to do. Some of these cases include pulling iron objects from difficult places, such as bayonets, iron trunk and bullet boxes or gold coins.
Various other containers that contain either maps, military material, or food, or pharmaceutical containers. Also, with the right magnet, we can even fish iron beds, a motor or a military vehicle, such as a tank.
The use of recovery magnets has become even more popular in agriculture and our daily lives, as they can help clean water bodies and recover metal objects from inaccessible areas. In addition, you can use them to clean the yard from scrap metal. The metal magnet will collect all the trash from the ground, which will save your gardening tools and farm machinery from possible damage.

This tool will very easily remove metal objects from the water depths and will clear the area of iron objects. It is considered a new way of discovering lost metals, which, if lucky, will provide us with the coveted treasure.

The Black Magnet F80 fishing magnet is suitable for missions, deep water explorations, and for the search and collection of valuable metal objects. Mr. Polatidis and his team have used him on similar occasions, turning him into a powerful metal detector. One such case was the discovery and withdrawal of military material through a swamped lake. It was the perfect tool for a successful end to this adventure.

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