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  • MD-3009 I
Function: This is a fully automatic detector, and zero motion targeting function for precisely locate a target. The metal detector is intended for finding of black, color metals, (including gilded and nuggets), based in soil at depth up to 1,5m (for big objects), also possibility of searching in water at depth up to 40 cm to (submersion of metal detector). The instrument has a Pinpoint system for discovering purposes. Motion Detector, Auto turning soil, Level to discriminations, Built-in speaker, Output on earphones. This metal detector comprises of itself all comforts of adjustment, when including a feeding, you get immediately, tuned instrument, stays to adjust only discrimination 

1. Battery: 2*9V Type: 6F22, S006P or equivalent 
2. Operating current: Standby ? 18mA; Max ? 50mA 
3. Operating voltage range: 7~9.6V 
4. Operating frequency: 5.5 KHz 
5. Sensitivity: Min. 23cm (Test Coin: US ?25) 
6. Audio frequency: 500Hz 
7. Temperature range: -10?~50? 
8. Size: 130mm(L)*150mm(W)*95mm(H) 
9. Net weight: 1.3Kg 

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MD-3009 I

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