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  • CS3 MXi
The CS3MX is the definitive professional metal detector. No frills, excellent depth, straightforward operation. Built to withstand demanding hobby use.
The CS3MXi is a high performance metal detector operating on the 'MOTION' principle.

The NEW CS3MXi now features the option of three interchangeable heads to enable deeper detection, greater ground coverage and optimised performance for a variety of situations.

Check out the deals on extra heads - you will be surprised how generous we can be.

The CS3MXi features a sophisticated Discrimination System which is capable of eliminating signals from a variety of metals which are likely to be valueless allowing you to concentrate on more interesting targets.

'Motion' detectors operate at optimum performance when the search head is kept moving with a steady sweeping motion. When you receive signals, the 3MXi features a Pinpoint Function which allows you to switch off this motion effect so that the search head can be brought to rest over the exact target location.

The CS3MXi is designed to offer extremely high performance whilst being easy to operate. We wish you good hunting and a great hobby with the excellent CS3MXi.

Operating System: Motion 17kHz

Search-Head: 20cm ISOCON search head

Battery Power: 8 x AA 1.5 volt

Weight: 1.5Kg

 - On/Off/Sensitivity control
  - Variable discrimination
  - Target pin-point

  - Belt mountable 

  - Adjustable stem length

  - Counterbalanced stem with armrest

  - Automatic motion retune

  - Headphone socket
  - Weatherproof design

Ideal For: Professional and amateur, serious beginners, general purpose detecting.

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